Short Course

What are Short Courses?

They may happen in winter, summer or even during the academic year, as semesters abroad, professional classes or just academic courses or seminars. However you would name them, academic degree courses have their clear contribution to your knowledge, resume and experience.

Who wouldn’t wish to add an extra sparkle to the breaks between lectures and pursue a practical course in an academic subject that may be less connected to their regular curriculum, but closer to their heart? Short courses may answer the need for something more, and are gaining popularity among international students who look for practical trainings in a shorter time that they should devote for a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme.

How short are short courses, really?

The duration of the short courses depends on the discipline, the workload and the aim of the programmes. You can find short courses that are one week long such as summer courses, introductory sessions or certificate programmes on the basics of a computer programme. Usually, however, they last between four days and one month.